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 My story/ any advice appreciated!

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My story/ any advice appreciated! Empty
PostSubject: My story/ any advice appreciated!   My story/ any advice appreciated! EmptySun Apr 18, 2010 4:58 pm

Hello everyone. I'm Maciej, from Poland, age 23.

Used to train in the gym for about a year, until I have found this site and got in touch with the whole idea of street workout. It was like a punch in the face and now I'm preparing myself for bar workout.

This is the main reason why i registered here and ask for advice - no experience, completely green.

My goals are:
Improve my figure, make my belly and back muscles much stronger. I'm not interested in increasing my muscle mass. More interested in strenght, speed, and flexibility.

I run a lot, even with extra encumbrance. Marathon isn't a problem. My record is 10 kilometers with extra 10 kilograms in backpack in 57 minutes.

Thanks to running I've lost all fat on my belly, and have no stamina problems.

My body type is average. Im 188 cm tall and weigh 83 kilograms.

I have a bar mounted in my flat, but is does not suit my needs - can't spread arms wide enough to perform most exercises. Recently I found a playground in a nearby borough when i was collecting data for my masters degree Smile

As I said I'm total newbie, I checked my abilities and:
- 12 classic pull ups without any problem
- 50 push ups with feet 50cm over floor
- ABS II with pain but I can take it Smile

Didn't try other more complicated exercices, I'm just starting, trying to understand them so I could perform them without technical mistakes.

Now i have goals, tested my abilities, you know my background. What I need is a plan. I hope you will help me to construct one.

Adding my picture

Thanks in advance for any help.
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My story/ any advice appreciated!
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