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 A few of my inspirations

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A few of my inspirations Empty
PostSubject: A few of my inspirations   A few of my inspirations EmptySun Dec 14, 2008 4:26 pm

My main inspiration for bodyweight training is old pictures of the strength enthusiasts on Muscle Beach in the the 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. I think secretly I wish that I were there performing the hand balances, and swinging on the rings. The images of these fitness icons (like Jack LaLanne) are what draw me to bodyweight strength training.

Another inspiration is the show Sasuke (the world's toughest obstacle course, in Japan). I know Rick has attempted to compete on this show and I hope he continues to try. Watching the dedication of the Sasuke All-Stars in their attempt to defeat all four stages, but usually being defeated, has taught me that even the greatest competitors (like Makoto Nagano) need perserverence to acheive their goals. I try to take this attitude every time my training is progressing slower than I would like.

My final inspiration (for now) are those people around me who are better than I am. In my rock climbing, I am constantly surrounded by people who are better or stronger than I am. One in particular (I'll call him "James"... because that was his name) had some ten or more years of experience on me when I first started... and still does I guess. His grip strength and skill were beyone anything I could comprehend when I first started climbing. Now that I have climbed for four years and have seen improvements in my own strength, I realize that James had not been climbing for ten more years than I me because he was phenomenally strong, but rather he was phenomenally strong because he had been climbing for ten more years than me. This knowledge keeps me going when I get disappointed that I am not as good as others. I keep practicing, and even though I don't often see immediate gains, when I take a step back and observe my achievements over a six month or one year or more period, I realize that I have indeed improved substantially, and that more practice will help me improve even more.
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A few of my inspirations Empty
PostSubject: Re: A few of my inspirations   A few of my inspirations EmptyWed Mar 24, 2010 6:16 pm

yea seeing ninja warrior back in 2006 or so was one of the first time i seen how strong these guys could get with just bodyweight training
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A few of my inspirations
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