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PostSubject: Bar-ViKIngs   Bar-ViKIngs EmptySat Jun 04, 2011 10:27 pm

hey all

Bar-ViKings is a newly started team from sweden atm it conists of only 2 ppl (me and mrofficer)but were trying to get more to join. we named the team Bar-ViKings bcuz we swedes are vikings Smile its also a play with words (BAR)Vi(Kings)

we started hitting the bars about 2 months ago but then we only did it a few times a month now we try to do a little every day

we hope to inspire more ppl to start working out in the fresh air and not in a crowded gym Razz

and to all of you thanks for keeping calisthenics alive!
Very Happy

Bar-ViKIngs Barvik15
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