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 Setting Goals.

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Bared Joe

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Setting Goals. Empty
PostSubject: Setting Goals.   Setting Goals. EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 2:35 pm


I want a goal as I will be more focuses when working out if I have one.
I am trying to decide from

Planche/Planche Push up
Hand Stand Push up

I can currently

do a max of 15 Pull up ( wide grip )
50 Normal Push ups, then have one minute break then do about another 25.
About 3-40 Decline Push ups.

I have alright core strengh, I can hold a plank for at least 20seconds +
I can do 10+ legs raises, laying on the floor.

Which would be a good task, and how should I go about getting it. I do have ankle weights but they are only 2.5kg each, I should be getting 5kg each soon.

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Setting Goals. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Setting Goals.   Setting Goals. EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 8:28 pm

What are your goals? Pulling strength and leg strength aren't addressed by your post. Handstand push up and planche push up are good goals, but you need to know how to get there. Simply doing static holds and working sets of 20+ push ups won't get you there. Get "Building the Gymnastic Body" by Coach Sommer and learn the moves to get you there. Pseudo planche push ups, L-chin ups, straddle L, etc. are intermediary steps to your overrall goal.

Joint prep, strengthening of the weak muscles(external rotators, scapular stabilizers, etc.), working strength (5 reps and fewer), and making a proper routine with good frequency, recovery, etc. are all needed to achieve the goal of (proper) planche push ups. Read up on the gymnastic bodies forum about prehab and joint prep.

Your worksets in an intensification cycle should usually be 5 reps or fewer per set. A strength routine would be 5 sets of 5 reps followed by 3 sets of 8 reps as an assistance move.

Alternate intensification cycles of 2-4 weeks with accumulation cycles of similar time length. Use Escalating Density Training, Bryce Norton's 50/20, etc. for this cycle.

Learn about Charles Poliquin's Undulating Principle of alternating intensification with accumulation.
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Setting Goals.
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