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 Need help with my training routine

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Need help with my training routine Empty
PostSubject: Need help with my training routine   Need help with my training routine EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 9:20 pm

I am 6' 150 lbs. I am looking to reach about 160lbs over the next few months and hoping to have a majority of the weight gain come from muscle =) ... my current routine:
Incline Push Ups (done flexed 5 sec down and up) 5 x 10
Hip push ups - 5 x max
Decline Push ups - 5 x 10 (same as incline)
Diamond push - 3 x max

Wide grip Pull 5 x 10
Chin ups 5 x 10

HSPU (on wall) 5 x 10

I do abs stuff throughout the workout and end the workout with 20 min of jumping rope

like I said I am only 150 lbs at 6 foot... generally I want to have greater muscle def and acquire a greater strength to bodyweight ratio... sorry if this is a stupid post but i have been stuck at the same weight for 6 years and when i put on weight previously it was all fat. It would be nice to get cut and feel genuinely strong...which is why I turned to bodyweight exercises ... they seem superior to weight training and, moreover, i feel much healthier training with bodyweight instead of gym ratting it.
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Need help with my training routine
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