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 just joined gym-need advice

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PostSubject: just joined gym-need advice   just joined gym-need advice EmptySun Jul 31, 2011 1:29 pm

hi there

my name is Paul.

i joined a gym 2 weeks ago to lose fat. its been going well. i havent noticed any physical changes yet,.....but i Do FEEL better.

this is my eating plan and my workout. please tell me if im doing it right or should i do more to help speed up the weight loss.

i work nights, so i dont get up until 2pm

2pm-bowl of special k
glass of orange juice

5pm-grilled chicken breast (or fish)
bowl of peas

8pm-2 slices of brown bread with salad

11pm-strawberry or apple kelloggs nutrigrainn bar

2am-chicken salad sandwhich
an apple

i usually go to the gym every second day. but i might start going on my recovery days just to do cardio because the gym is close to my house.

this is my workout-

15 mins on bike level 4
crosstrainer -20mins level 4
treadmill 15mins level 5

weight machines- row/rear/deltal 15x3
lat pulldown 15x3
shoulder press 15x3
seatal leg curl 15x3
leg press 15x3
leg extension 15x3
chest press 15x3

bike 15mins

please give me feedback. is this workout good enough to give me results. i weigh 15stone and would love to get down to 12.

thank you in advance for anynadvice i recieve
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PostSubject: Re: just joined gym-need advice   just joined gym-need advice EmptySun Jul 31, 2011 2:34 pm

For the diet i would ditch all the bars and cereal.I would eat this instead to speed up fatloss and work with your times.But i do leangains.com diet that works best for me.

2p.m.=1 cup of oats or beans, 1 whole egg 3 egg whites,1glass of milk,1banana, peanut butter.
5p.m.= that's fine already
8p.m. tuna, broccoli
11p.m.= maybe natural unflavored whey in water and vegetables,maybe an apple.
2a.m. chicken spinach
pretty much no sugar,fast food,soda, you know all the junk.

For the cardio i rather have 20mins. of hell HIIT, than 50mins. that's just me, and it should preserve muscle better.

And i would do body-weight with some dead-lifts.But if you are going to lift weights do all the free weights rather than the machines its better and you will be stronger.You are on the right track to be fitter that's good.Hope this helps.Goodluck.

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just joined gym-need advice
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