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 Aussie mateee ;)

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Aussie mateee ;) Empty
PostSubject: Aussie mateee ;)   Aussie mateee ;) EmptyMon Sep 05, 2011 10:17 am

hey guys, i've been on the forums for ages and been a part of it all, but just a week a go i realised i hadnt made an introduction.. Razz

So i first started playing soccer when i was 7 years old and played until i was about 12, i then got bored and realised i need something else.. so i went to tennis, a month later i found myself saying this is too easy, so i started gymnastics. I ended up LOVING IT!
this is where my love came to calisthenics, like everything else i quit it and just simply bought a dip power station and do my workouts at home.
My stats are..
height:1.6m yes im a short fella :p
weight: 63-65 kgs
favourite exercise: dips or half rep dips

many people have a favourite with their pushing strength or pulling strength. mine is definitly pushing.. i just find it more enjoyable.
i am also more on the strength side than endurance.

my main goals are bend arm planche, (pushups) and to control it.
Back lever, and a muscle up
hope to help out and maybe share a few vids in the future Smile
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Aussie mateee ;) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aussie mateee ;)   Aussie mateee ;) EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 4:33 am

no more welcome=))
i think u should ream higher,like planche,planche push up...
nice to meet u
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Aussie mateee ;)
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