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 Cal Chains

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Fed X

Fed X

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PostSubject: Cal Chains   Cal Chains EmptyFri Oct 14, 2011 6:25 pm


does anyone have one?!?
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Johnny 5

Johnny 5

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PostSubject: Re: Cal Chains   Cal Chains EmptySun Oct 16, 2011 3:38 am

Cool stuff bro!

It's always fun to see what they'll think of next. However,

Like Marcus Bondi told me once in person while training in Brooklyn. (Paraphrase) Nothing supplements the bar like the bar itself. You may use these added tools for a warm up but It's nothing like the real deal. lol

This was after I told him about Aqua Bag. It's a piece of equipment that looks like a sand bag but it's half filled with H2O. Very cool but once again supplemental if that to mastering the bar.

I'm always looking for the latest thing but let me tell you, It starts and ends with caliisthenics, master the basics. Learn some basic Olympic lifting, sprinting mechanics and grappling (wrestling) techniques and you're set 4 life! Of course combine everything with an insatiable desire for learning and you're on to something special.

Thanks for sharing!

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Cal Chains
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