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 Not sure what to call this kind of leg raise

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Not sure what to call this kind of leg raise Empty
PostSubject: Not sure what to call this kind of leg raise   Not sure what to call this kind of leg raise EmptySun Feb 26, 2012 4:57 am

I would like to do some leg raises to strengthen hip flexors and 6pack. I do these hanging from my doorway bar but because it's low I can't get a stretch at the bottom. I got some ab slings which let me get more stretch but it still doesn't allow a full-one.

I was thinking to do a flexed-arm hang and do them that way, like pulling my head into the ceiling. Do people still call this hanging leg raises when the arms aren't straight or in slings?

Also because doing this tires out my grip and biceps I wanted to try another way. I am going to buy some concrete blocks and pile them up into 2 columns on either side of me. I checked it out and for $2 I can get a block that is 1ft high, and 8inch by 16inch flat surface on top/bottom (it is hollow, the holes are on the sides).

So this means for $12 I can get 3ft high surface for palms, or for $16 I can get 4ft high surface for palms. I know the 2nd is definitely enough for legs to dangle.

But since arms press to hold up (this is like if you did a dip on chair seats but higher up) do we still call it a hanging leg raise, or should I call it something else like a dangling leg raise?

Also I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried this. I feel like it might be a nice stretch for the grip since the hand is open.

I don't have the balance for a handstand and am wondering if I did this for time it might help create a starting point in terms of building hand/elbow endurance.

I have already tried balancing on palms with just 1 pair of concrete blocks but it's really hard since you need to bring your knees up high. I think I could do it for the longest period of time when the body is straight.
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Not sure what to call this kind of leg raise
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