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PostSubject: Re: Postworkout   Postworkout - Page 2 EmptyFri Jun 27, 2014 6:14 pm

ironloo wrote:
That's it man! die in training, eat clean, fight hunger for 16hrs. daily, sleep well, repeat. Im back on it myself starting today. I weighed in at 188lbs morning weight lol could def go to 172-175 easy on this diet. Again Goodluck

bro, i need your help here. i can nly train early morning, but mi feeding window starts at noon. is it ok if y take bcaa before and after workout?
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Im now 219lbs. since this post haha.You need to take the aminos before working out and fasted, and you can take them again after if you don't eat within the next 1hr. after your workout hats fine man.
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