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 Middle back pain

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Middle back pain Empty
PostSubject: Middle back pain   Middle back pain EmptyMon Apr 30, 2012 1:39 pm

Hey guys,
I have some problems with my back. It all started about a year ago, when I took a week off and spent it working on my brother's house. After three days of intense work, I was carrying a weight in front of me and a sharp pain struck me on my middle back. For two days I had major pains, and even lifting myself was too much for me. Two weeks of rest, and I was good to work or train again. The pain went away, and even though it sometimes bothered me, it was only mild.
Today, however, I had another sudden attack on my middle back. I was simply sitting in front of my desk, and it seemed as though a hot ring has closed on my middle back, and the pain expanded in a horizontal line. The pained area is between my shoulder blades and lower back. The reason why it had happened again is fairly simple - because of good weather, I spent the last week training more than usually, and it appears that I've overstrained my back again.
After some research, I found out that the causes and symptoms match pretty accurately with this description:


So back to the business, I am looking for any suggestions how can I prevent such pain from happening ever again. I assume that the pain occurs due to underdevelopment of some muscles. The article suggests performing exercises to strengthen my back, but refrains from mentioning any. In addition to back bridges, pull-ups and chin-ups, I am being trained in capoeira, and it seems as though my whole back and posterior chain is getting a proper workout. Yet, I am looking forward to any suggestion on how my situation could improve, and how can I prevent the pain from occuring ever again:).
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Middle back pain
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