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 Forearm Injury, need help!

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blue hefner

blue hefner

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Forearm Injury, need help! Empty
PostSubject: Forearm Injury, need help!   Forearm Injury, need help! EmptyMon Jun 04, 2012 12:29 pm


I injured/strained my forearm muscles while doing pullups through out the day, tried chest to bar pullups and suddenly after 3th rep I felt something strange at the top, in my elbow.

I have it more than a month now, visited a doc and said that my tendon was inflamed. I got diclofenac, 21 pills and I took them, helped a bit... but now my both elbows are inflamed, due not using my left elbow.. right elbow too much work.


Above link, picture that area....
Im just going to rest more, than start a rehab/prehab for elbow,wrist,forearm..... But I need help... you guys have more experience on these areas...Im still a beginner..Hope this is enough info Crying or Very sad

Edit: some people said it could be forearm imbalance, due using a thin bar... and suggested thick bar when healed or rings? But its inflamed now and I dont want to make it chronic..
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Forearm Injury, need help!
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