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 Contacting Coucil About New Park.

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Contacting Coucil About New Park. Empty
PostSubject: Contacting Coucil About New Park.   Contacting Coucil About New Park. EmptySat Jul 14, 2012 2:47 pm

Hey Guys

I'm from a small town called Diss, about 20 miles outside Norwich in the UK. I'm sure most of you know that the UK is lacking fitness/workout parks in general, but around here there is absolutely nothing. The closest I know of for sure is London, which for me is a two and a half hour train journey away. There is talk of one about an hour away from me, but I'm yet to go and have a look.

Myself and a friend are still fairly early on in our training, but are both getting into it pretty heavily and I've found it's starting to take over my life. I get pissed off if I miss a session for any reason. Strange considering a couple of months ago I had no motivation at all haha.

We're planning on contacting our local council in regards to getting a fitness park built somewhere in town (probably the sports ground on the outskirts, has a perfect patch there which is unused.) I know of hundreds of people that want to get fit but can't afford gym memberships, don't like gyms in general, don't like weight lifting or long cardio sessions etc. This would be greatly beneficial to a vast number of people, plus the Government is on a fitness craze here atm due to the Olympics. The Bar Community as a whole is amazing, there's always helpful advice or motivation wherever you look, and this could go a long way to starting our own little chapter here.

The one thing I really need help with, are the specifications for the park. I plan on contacting them first to get their take on the idea, but I need to be ready with a rough plan or design if they ask for it. This is where you come in. Having never been to a proper park, and only using make shift equipment at home or door bars, I don't know what the equipment should be like.

I know bar heights and widths vary on both straight and parallel set ups, so getting the optimum specifications could be a challenge.

I'd like help from you guys in the form of pictures and descriptions of your local parks. It would be amazing if you could get a picture of the whole park, then a list of equipment you have there, along with the rough height and thickness of the bars and any other details you think could be beneficial.

You can either post them as replies on here or in a pm, any response will be greatly appreciated!

I apologise for the wall of text, but if you made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope you'll help in some way!
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Contacting Coucil About New Park. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Contacting Coucil About New Park.   Contacting Coucil About New Park. EmptyThu Jul 19, 2012 12:52 pm

I've been speaking to my local council (Wandsworth) about getting some bars installed in the local common (Tooting). I didn't bother sending in details at the early stage (still haven't - damn paperwork/council sh*tness means it's taking ages to get anywhere).

What I did send was links to the BB London Parks YouTube videos, so they can see what's available. And also links to the BB Facebook group so they could see photos and videos and also a sense of the community around the sport.

WRT to specs, I know the ones at Primrose are actually an off-the-shelf product, but now I can't remember the name of the company. It's written on the signs by each bit of equipment - I'll have a look next time I'm up there (probably the weekend).

Also, it might be worth looking at sources of funding. For example, I train at Kennington and they have a sign up saying who helped sponsor their bars. I looked them up on the internet and found a few more, then the next time I mailed the council guy I mentioned them and asked whether it would be worth me applying for funding to them. One that might be useful for you is The Community Development Fund. I would harp on about how they will foster community spirit, get people active, stop them being so bored etc. etc!

Anyhow, hope that helps - drop me a line if you have any other questions.
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Contacting Coucil About New Park. Empty
PostSubject: Contacting Coucil About New Park !    Contacting Coucil About New Park. EmptyMon Aug 27, 2012 1:38 pm

Would be good if somebody with a good command of English could write a template letter we could all use .Some basic drawing would be useful as councils don't have a clue what we are on about !
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Contacting Coucil About New Park. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Contacting Coucil About New Park.   Contacting Coucil About New Park. Empty

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Contacting Coucil About New Park.
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