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 World Street Workout Championships 2012

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World Street Workout Championships 2012 Empty
PostSubject: World Street Workout Championships 2012   World Street Workout Championships 2012 EmptySun Jul 29, 2012 5:47 pm

wow ok.. I know im new to scene etc but how is there only 1 UK participant?? and how is this not advertised more?

is it new event? or not well supported etc? Just curious as this popped up on my youtube reccomended tonight:


clearly the participants for the event next weekend.. and after I searched the channel I found the summary of last years event.. it looks ace!


Surprised there isnt a bigger display this year from UK barbarians and inciteUK and other UK crews I've found in my small time researching..

Any reason for this other than simply funding?? Surely we could pool together and buiold some sponsorship deals, websites, coverage etc to get the funds to fly a team out there?? Perhaps even a uk national tournament to get the top 3 or 4 or something and then fly them out for 2013?

obviously easier to say than to organise.. lol but would be a good way to build UK scene , promote bar work and the like.

As a web designer and (new) enthusiast, I'd be willing to help where i could in promotion / website etc.
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World Street Workout Championships 2012
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