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 Pull up progression stopped

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Pull up progression stopped Empty
PostSubject: Pull up progression stopped   Pull up progression stopped EmptyMon Sep 17, 2012 5:07 pm

Hi everyone

I started to do pull ups 7 months ago. Armstrong program helped me a lot.
I could do 16 pull ups but since 5 month my strength only increase for four pull ups Sad I do a lot of pull ups every day but little rest, i felt pain in my arms, but no progress at all. I was very stupid and didn't listen my body. From this day I'm going to change that.
I can do 20kg x 10 reps. I found a program and I will stick to it...

So my questions are:
I will do this program with a 20kg on my back on Monday,Wednesday and Friday...also i must do push ups and dips, so i will do them on
Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday by some push up program. This program for pull-up has much lesser pull-up to do by day then I was doing almost every day and I think i will have much more time to rest then i had before.
So is it good to do this program with 20kg? This program is very similar to Armstrong program without push ups at the same day.
Is it good to do pull ups and push ups and dips like I tell above?
Does push ups gonma blend with my pull ups or it will be to much for me?

give me some tips for this...
Thanks in advance and sorry for bad egnlish Wink
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Pull up progression stopped Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pull up progression stopped   Pull up progression stopped EmptyToday at 9:45 am

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Pull up progression stopped
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