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 People are awesome

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PostSubject: People are awesome   People are awesome EmptyThu Oct 25, 2012 12:35 am

Hey Just thought I'd post a topic including a couple of the "PEOPLE ARE AWESOME" videos.

I had a look around and it didn't jump out to me that anyone had posted something linking these videos(Though I'd wager the majority of you have heard of or seen them before) so I thought I would.

My two favorites right now are(Sorry for no actual links, as a new member I'm not allowed to, but add these to the end of the standard youtube URL to view the videos);




For me I find that the music+footage is an unbeatable combination that always results in me getting amped before a workout. I find them hard to watch without feeling really motivated to get-up and do something Smile

Hopefully you feel the same, Cheers.
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People are awesome
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