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 Front deltoid impingement

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Front deltoid impingement Empty
PostSubject: Front deltoid impingement   Front deltoid impingement EmptyMon Nov 26, 2012 12:38 pm

So I've had a lingering shoulder problem for a while (think it started with getting the muscle-up and the strain of the one-arm-over-first technique). Ignored it for a while then the seminars over the weekend basically killed it. Went to the doctor who reckons it's impingement of the front deltoid.

From all the reading I've done that would certainly fit - the problem is mainly when I lift my arm overhead - it really pulls. Tried hanging from a bar two days ago and it hurt like hell Sad

I am off all upper body for two weeks, also sticking to an anti-inflammatory diet, taking ibuprofen and I've just started on a bottle of Super Cissus RX which arrived today. Also having two sports massages a week.

My question is really this:

Could this have been caused by muscle imbalances?

I do vertical pulling and horizontal pushing, but not much vertical pushing (I do HSPU negatives twice a week, but only started them in the last few weeks) and no horizontal pulling (I always thought inverted rows were for girls and not necessary in my routine - I tried three sets of 10 the other day and realised I was wrong).

If the answer to that is yes, should I be looking to change my program to give equal weighting to all those four things? I.e. place equal emphasis on inverse rows and HSPU (and similar movements) as I do currently on dips, pulls and push-ups?

I really would be grateful for any advice on this if you've had a similar problem - rehab, recovery, supps, exercises, shoulder mobility work I could do etc.

Thanks very much Smile

Train hard, eat right, be awesome.
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Front deltoid impingement Empty
PostSubject: Re: Front deltoid impingement   Front deltoid impingement EmptyMon Nov 26, 2012 3:58 pm

It could very much be caused by muscle imbalance.

I think that everyone should be doing inverted rows, no matter how advanced they are. They are absolutely irreplaceable, when it comes to shoulder health. Work up to higher reps (3 sets of 10-15 or even more)and if you elevate your feet high enough I doubt they will be easy. Hold the top portion for 5-10 s on some reps if you can.

Also try to stretch lightly and do some external rotations with elastic band for rottator cuff.
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Front deltoid impingement
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