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 Forearm tendonitis?

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Forearm tendonitis? Empty
PostSubject: Forearm tendonitis?   Forearm tendonitis? EmptySat Dec 15, 2012 8:11 am


I feel a sharp pain in the mide of my forearm, it seems to be the bone but I doubt it. I think is the tendon. More or less here Forearm tendonitis? Forearm_extensor_400

For example, I'm doing dips, or just simply abs on the parallels, so when I go down and finish the grip I feel the pain. This pain doesn't appear when I'm doing the movement (dips, abs...).

I've stopped doing all exercises that causes the pain, dips on parallels, abs on paralels (I do them on a bar), and handstand progression. It also appears when I do the dip move on a MU and I come down :'(

Any advice? Someone has had the same experience?
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Forearm tendonitis?
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