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PostSubject: Joedy Rose    Joedy Rose  EmptyThu Dec 27, 2012 3:24 pm

Here is the start of my training log and I will update and show my progress and where my weaknesses lie.

Today was the start of my journey and Even tho it is cold and windy I set out found a park with the right setup and got to it.

Warm ups

10 laps round the Court, 5 Each way

5 Downs-Which comprise of

5 Jumping jacks
5 Plank steps (not sure what to call them but assume press up position and alternate bring knee 90 in one quick kick movement)
5 Standard pressups

Then straight away do 4 of each the 3,2,1- Rest ( walk the width of court to stay warm) + repeat.

Standing dips 3-Sets of 12-Reps

Wide to Diamond pressups (aiming for 5,5,5)
Set 1) 5,5,3- Set 2 )5,5,2-Set 3) 5,5,1

Stretch Out 30 Sec each side x2

Lunges 3-Sets 10-Reps

Squats I sucked at with form so will work on it.

Pull ups 10,6,4
Chin Up 1 (correct form with chin above bar no kicking or reaching with face) 3 with NCF (Non Correct Form)
Skin The Cat (AK) 3-Slow precise and good form and breathing
Hanging sit ups, 5,3,2,
Hang time after this 1 min solid.

I am pleased with my start as I know what to push for and could have done with a partner for the morale but, The bar is set and it's time to raise it.


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