Elite Bodyweight Training
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 hey there!

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PostSubject: hey there!   hey there! EmptyMon Feb 04, 2013 4:50 pm

I'm 21, male and from Cape Cod Massachusetts. I've been focusing on body weight training for a little while now am making progress. Im always playing around with my training methods and have trouble deciding on a concrete one hah. I've made more muscle gain through calisthenics than i was when i was just using dumb bells and now im focusing on strength gains. I really want to be able to do hand stand push ups, one arm push ups, one arm pull ups and in the far future be able to do a planche and front lever.

I'm very into motivating and inspiring so if you ever need it talk to me

Aside from calisthenics I'm interested in movies, comics, music and videogames
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hey there!
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