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 Training for strength gains

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Training for strength gains Empty
PostSubject: Training for strength gains   Training for strength gains EmptyMon Feb 04, 2013 9:13 pm

Lately i have been doing alternating method, pull day and push day. On those days I work on different holds but i also do rep work. Lets take push ups, I'll do 3-5 sets in which i go to failure every time. I feel like i'm not making much progress though. Before i used to do 1 set for 5 different exercises, back to back, 10-15 reps, no rest between and then after the 5 sets i would rest and repeat. So what I am asking, if there is an objective answer for this:

Is it better to do smaller sets (10-15 reps rather than burn sets) for gaining reps? In the past i felt this might have been more helpful for me but is there an exact method to it?

Also, gaining more reps, is that strength or endurance?

What i want to do is an advanced movement such as a one armed push up but also want to build in endurance so any tips?

Thank you =]
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Training for strength gains
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