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 military lifestyle

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PostSubject: military lifestyle   military lifestyle EmptyTue Feb 12, 2013 11:51 pm

Man guys, im a little bit pissed off because it feels like the only option i have right now is to join the military to make a living. I am wondering, will all this hard work i put into building muscle and getting stronger be wasted away once i join the military because i really dont want to havee to restart all this s**t again.

I really love fitness but i feel tht the military is the only wat to have benefits and make a living.

im 22 and i feel like i just wasted my life away and now am stuck living with parents and no degrees or anything. I know this is my fault but is there any other way to make a living without joining the military?

i feel like crap thinking about this because i dont know what im going to do. I feel like fitness is a drug tht i cant quit haha. But seriously it kind of makes me sick and guilty when i dont do my workouts, especially how far ive gotten. I feel im going to regrett this decision but i need to get moving and get a life. Being fit is fun when you have your life set and a house already but when you need to move out of your parents hous, get a job tht you can live with and be able to have time for fitness is pretty hard(not saying i dont do tht now, i do)

Right now i work as a newspaper boy and THIS JOB SUCKS!! we get no days off we even work on holidays and i work nights everynight. i get up at 3pm stay up till 4am and get home eat then sleep so i dont sleep till like 530-600am and repeat but i hardly get any sun because i workout in my garage and by the time im done its like 430-530pm and already sunset or dark.

I really need a new job and some help because i love fitness to much to give it up especially how far ive come. there was a time when the power went out at work and instead of giving us the day off they made us stay there until the power turned back on wich wasnt till 7am in the morning and i didnt get done until 930 am that was an awful day thank god i had yoga the next day and not leg day. this job does not care about you they have no benefits this job is really meant for ppl who really need money. this job is unsastainable. sorry for the long rant but if someone can help me with some advice or knowledge of some sort i would greatly appreciate it =)..
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PostSubject: Re: military lifestyle   military lifestyle EmptyThu Feb 14, 2013 4:35 am

Try PMing MarineMotivateMe (I think that's his username at anyrate) As he is now a marine so would be in a good position to tell you about that and about how it impacts on he fitness side of things Smile

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PostSubject: Re: military lifestyle   military lifestyle EmptyThu Feb 14, 2013 6:15 pm

Hey dude I totally understand how you feel, cause I was in like the excatly same situation as you just few months ago. Im also 22, just moved out on my own, lived 4 months just flipping every stone around to find SOMEKIND of job - at last I got my dream job.

I think the miliarty could be a really cool experience for you, but I wanna hear if you are doing to do a carrer out of it? cause that is not a good choice if you only pick the army as something better from your current situation. The military can be a incredible adventure for some people and a total waste of time for others. You gotta ask yourself what you really wanna do and how you feel about it.

Also, remember that your situation is not that bad. Living home sucks when you are an young adult - you wanna be free, independent and get that "grown-up feeling". BUT! look at the bridge site of actually having a place to be and that you actually have a job. Both are things many many people dont have and would kill for.

What I think you should do is give it some time. If you dont like your current job, then look for another. Write to people in news papers, use the web, set flyers up, show up in stores and ask if they need a worker and so on. Represent the best of yourself. Whatever job you get that is better then your current job, then take it and start it. Then, while you work there, look for an even better job, and in that way you work your way up.

For the moving out situation. Save ALL your money. Again, look in news papers/ the web and so on to find a apartment you can afford.

Cheers dude.
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PostSubject: Re: military lifestyle   military lifestyle EmptyFri Feb 15, 2013 6:53 pm

Watch this video, I promise it's Good and helpful for your questions. Hodgetwins are very funny I know, but seriously, it's always good information aswell, and this video is especially about joining the Military, and losing Muscle gains, and They have experience as they we're both Marines. Take a look if you like. And Good luck.

PS: I have been wanting to join the British army for 2 years myself, I wanted to drop out fucking college, but my parents and whole family have forced me not to go...


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military lifestyle
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