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 Calisthenics beginner seeking for advice (regarding muscle growth)

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Calisthenics beginner seeking for advice (regarding muscle growth) Empty
PostSubject: Calisthenics beginner seeking for advice (regarding muscle growth)   Calisthenics beginner seeking for advice (regarding muscle growth) EmptySat Feb 16, 2013 10:19 am

Just found this forum yesterday and I'm very glad I did! Seems like a great community and I've already found so much great information on here! Smile

Started doing calisthentics ~2 weeks ago, after reading "Convict Conditioning".

So far I've been doing various progressions of
1) Push-ups (regular, close, hindu, explosive, handstand with legs on the wall)
2) Pull-ups (actually built myself a very simple gymnastic ladder for that)
3) Bodyweight squats
4) Leg-raises
5) Bridges

Now I've read some guys suggesting to do split workout plans and isolate muscle groups for better muscle growth. However what I've been doing so far is working-out daily, doing all the exercises above. My logic is that I need to build some over-all strength before I can go all advanced like that.

Currently what I do is multiple sets of low-reps throughout the day. I do them slowly so they would be more intense and I generally don't do them to failure but I often end the reps with isometric work. Also, what I often times do is 3-5 reps, take a break for 10-15 seconds and repeat, until I'm exhausted. So basically a combination of 1x "Density Training" per day + "Grease the Groove" (random low sets through-out the day).

As my primary goal is muscle growth - what do you guys recommend? Should I continue with a daily full-body workout or should I start isolating muscle groups? I really quite like to work-out everyday, however I am a bit worried whether or not I'm giving my muscles enough time to recover. Is it true that if you work-out a muscle group 4,5x/week you don't give it a chance to grow. I'm getting a ~8h sleep every night and am trying to get 2g protein per bodyweight kg.

Thanks in forward! Smile
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Calisthenics beginner seeking for advice (regarding muscle growth)
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