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 Old School "core training"

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Old School "core training" Empty
PostSubject: Old School "core training"   Old School "core training" EmptySat Feb 16, 2013 3:15 pm

Our friend Jason just wrote in to ask for some core workouts.

This got me thinking back to when "core training" started

approaching buzzword status.

I don't recall if it was in the mid-90s or the early 2000s but

one day all everybody could talk about was "working the core"

-- it also soon became evident that the only way to actually

work "the core" was to stand on a beach balls or snap giant

rubber bands or do "wood choppers" with a cable machine,

etc ... or at least that's what the experts all told us.

In the old strength books you never read much about training

"the core" or at least in those terms. While the oldtimers

did discuss the importance of full body strength, strong abs,

strong "loins," the small of the back, the truth is,the lifts they

did seemed to address "core strength" pretty well on their own.

If you do leg extensions while reading the newspaper or if

20-pound dumbbell concentration curls are a big part of

your routine, I suppose I can see the need to do specific

"core" work, but like I said, I sure wouldn't put either of

those movements as "real" exercises.

On the other side of the spectrum is a lift like the One-Arm

Dumbbell Press. This was one of the "Man Making" lifts

according to the old timers, and with very good reason.

-- train it seriously and you'll build strength in everything

from the top of your head down to your toes. I mention

it pointedly as I have recently added it, and the One-Arm

Dumbbell Jerk, back into my program.

I had been doing my overhead lifting with a barbell, with

very good results, but became inspired after recently reading

and re-reading Arthur Saxon and William Pullum's books.

The One-Arm Dumbbell Press (and the Jerk) were both

a part of the training of each strongman. I could give you

a long list of others greats who have used it, though it

seems to end pretty abruptly around the mid-60s or so.

I was reading an old article by Doug Hepburn where he

felt that the absolute best upper body lift was -- you guessed

it -- the dumbbell press. He felt that it contributed to the

over head press and the bench press. Doug's best one arm

dumbbell press was 165 -- at least at the time -- and he was

also the first man to officially bench press 500 pounds,

I'd say he was not lacking in core strength, despite never

having stood on any beach balls.

As per one of my previous emails, do a one-arm press with

a loaded barbell for extra fun.

... try it... and you'll understand why the old timers didn't

give "core training" much extra thought...
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Old School "core training"
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