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 Help me guys!

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Help me guys! Empty
PostSubject: Help me guys!   Help me guys! EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 6:08 pm

Hey, so this is my first post in this new forum.

I am in need of help, i wanted to ask how to build a good foundation for my body. I have been training in gym for some time in past, but then due to highschool and job at the same time, i had almost no free time, to work out. Now since school will be finished in one week, i will only have job left on my hands. So i cant wait to get back on working out.

Last time i worked out i couldn't quite manage to build endurance and lower body strength. This time when i will start out fresh i would like to build good all around foundation. I would like some help with this, how should i sart do things? Should i do like pullups, pushups one day, legs and something other, when should i run or what would be good way?

I am willing to workout everyday.

I hope you can understand the thought of this chaotic text and give me some advice. Wink
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Help me guys! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Help me guys!   Help me guys! EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 9:51 pm

Yo and Welcome to the Forum!!!

As u said u can split it easily on upper body+core and lower body (maybe some core again) and u can easily add running in the lower body day.
U can also do upper body strength endurance-running & lower body strength endurance - upper body strength - lower body sprints-jumps and strength - Full body strength endurance and then 2 got 2 days for either a small rest or some easy workout, like training a move or running a bit.

There are many ways to split ur workout, it depends on ur goals and how u like it most.

Hope it helps Smile

Goals: Be able to do bar-barians requirements in less than 10 mins, 10 good form one hand push ups, 15 pistols, Be able to do one hand holds on bar and controlled negatives, 1 min hanging l-sit, backlever hold for 5+ secs, advanced tucked FL for 5+ secs, advanced tucked planche for 8+secs etc etc

Long Goal (till summer): My 1st OAC,good BL hold, FL hold, bent arm planche, free handstand push ups, l-sit to handstand on handles, v-sit hold on floor
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Help me guys!
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