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 tips/routine for "beginner"

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tips/routine for "beginner" Empty
PostSubject: tips/routine for "beginner"   tips/routine for "beginner" EmptyThu Jul 17, 2014 8:47 am

hi all Ive been doing calisthenics for 2 years with 7 months break in middle and guess what my progress was much better in first half on junk diet and no knowledge

I am so lost, you can check my log to have idea how I trained

need some routines, goals: basic endurance, strength for wall HSPU, core strength
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tips/routine for "beginner" Empty
PostSubject: Re: tips/routine for "beginner"   tips/routine for "beginner" EmptyThu Jul 17, 2014 5:04 pm

In the beginning of ones training no matter what your diet is the gains will be at its highest, the stronger you get the harder it is to keep going cause you must train at higher intensity more complex sets ect. Looks like you hit a plateau, it comes at you suddenly whether a physical block or a mental block, sometimes even both it happens to the strongest. Its how u knock down these hurdles that matters so you can continue your warpath. You need something new, extreme to re-ignite the fire & inner beast. Happened to me man i was bored, just going through the motions, strong but didn't feel it, mentally physically drained. If i were you i would sit back 3-7days no training do other things get your mind off training fully, one day sit back and think what your major goals are, then construct brutall routines that you can barely do now but it must be motivating. Then attack that s**t.

I took an extreme approach bought atlas stones i couldn't budge, farmer walk handles with the #800lbs.+ in my mind as bare minimum,600lb.tire,Dead/squat sets that put me down on the floor for a while,training in thunderstorms, mixed them together for super sets, hooked a rope high in a tree, dangerous fun stuff  i needed to break my mental physical barriers. This new style of training i call Atlasthenics.You must do the same man.
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tips/routine for "beginner"
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