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 anterior pelvic tilt and lower back

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anterior pelvic tilt and lower back Empty
PostSubject: anterior pelvic tilt and lower back   anterior pelvic tilt and lower back EmptyMon Aug 25, 2014 4:18 pm

Hi all Ive been having ATP for quite a while but never payed attention to that, I made my core very strong doing hanging leg raises, planks, windshield whipers and dragon flag tries

then I couldnt go to park for 2-3 months and my core workouts were very limited I neglected a lot

and suddenly my lower back was hurting a but in bottom of squat or so, but it lasted every time few days only, .. last time I did ATG squats and didnt stand up straight I felt pain in low back, took a week rest, then I was working out again, shoulders felt very strong I wanted to do some scapula pull ups to activate them more, I arched too much and strong pain in low back occured when I dismounted from bar

its more than a week I still have weakness in low back, today felt it while wearing weighted vest and when I was doing overhead press

somewhere I read I can f**k up my lowback even more while squatting with ATP so it will probably be the case as I had firstly pain only with squats and no deadlifts or so

anyone had this problem?
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anterior pelvic tilt and lower back
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