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 Importance of Grip!!!

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Importance of Grip!!! Empty
PostSubject: Importance of Grip!!!   Importance of Grip!!! EmptyFri Apr 10, 2015 7:48 pm

Very important to have a severely strong grip whether your a bar-athlete,strongman,powerlifter,sports ectect. I have many routines, i do holds with an 800lb.stone frame,farmer walks with 300-375lbs.per hand. Shown here in the pic i did a grip pyramid with a fatgrip Ending with 265lbs.as my top set. You can use this guidline to build a gorilla grip & add or deduct weight  according to your strength! Trainharddd!!!

With fatgrips All aim for 10seconds to preserve strength for the heavy sets,the ones that build you.Once your top heavy set is reached, all sets after are till failure!

Set1 = 85lbs. = 10sec
Set2 = 105lbs. = 10sec
Set3 = 125lbs. = 10sec
Set4 = 155lbs. = 10 sec
Set5 = 180lbs. = 10 sec
Set6 = 200lbs. = 10 sec
Set7 = 225lbs. = 10sec
Set8 = 235lbs. = 10sec
Set9 = 245lbs. = 10sec
Set10 = 265lbs. = till failure
Set11 = 225lbs. = till failure
Set12 = 225lbs. till failure
Set13 = 225lbs. till failure
Set14 = 225lbs. till failure
Set15 = 225lbs. till failure
Set16 = 200lbs. till failure
Set17 = 200lbs. till failure
Set18 = 200lbs. till failure
Set19 = 180lbs. till failure
Set20 100lbs.Dumbbells 1 per hand no fatgrips till failure, no rest pullup dead hang till failure.

Importance of Grip!!! Grty10
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Importance of Grip!!!
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