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Eros Prime Keto For the second breakfast a large portion of vegetable salad with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice is perfect. As for lunch, then again you choose from steamed vegetables (spinach, broccoli, zucchini or cabbage). Do not forget about spices, drinking water and herbal tea. “The worse my life is, the better my figure will be” - for some reason, some adherents of a supposedly correct lifestyle think so. However, from the fact that you will create harsh conditions for yourself, not only will the weight not decrease, but health will also be shaken. Why, with the radical methods of combating calories and kilograms, weight does not decrease? People themselves come up with a hard diet or take from the Internet "what is more terrible" (so that they can quickly and surely say goodbye to extra pounds) - with unusual names, developed by unknown people. However, to navigate in the rules of nutrition is possible only with the help of doctors. All individually. Denial of any food, as a way to the figure of a dream, is almost a suicide. But at first the weight really quickly goes away. This is because the body acts this way: the metabolism is severely "inhibited", the gastrointestinal tract atrophies, the composition of the blood deteriorates, etc. Most likely, the person will feel worse and worse, but the body is almost accustomed to the “hunger strike” - that is, it has adapted, and if you try to change the diet again, the “dropped” kilograms will return with interest. Some are trying to "drive" calories gained with the help of widely publicized wonder simulators. Especially popular are simulators for the press. However, the sellers of "shops on the couch" do not report that the "cubes" in the press depend on the amount of subcutaneous fat that cannot be removed in some places. Most of these simulators will not give results. One of the choices of a tight diet is to limit yourself to food, plus some “magic pills” instead of the rest of the food.
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